Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 6: Maybe A Little Too Realistic

Back at the mage’s guidl Fault’s mentor next asks us to sabotage the research of a rival wizard. Seems kind of sketchy but the guild made these assignments so there’s no point in arguing. Plus it’s not a very hard quest. Fault just waits for the rival to wander away from their desk and then sneaks a fake soul gem into her pile of research. After that Fault reports back to her mentor who now wants us to go out and collect flowers for the next stage of her research.

So off Fault goes to collect some plants. But when she gets back it turns out someone has stolen all of her mentor’s research! Our final quest for is to track down her missing papers so she can finally make journeyman. You can actually read her report before she submits it and insultingly enough she takes full credit for all of Fault’s legwork. On the other hand the guild master seems to know what’s going on because she promotes Fault to journeyman right along with her mentor.

I have mixed feelings about this entire quest line. On the one hand it is extremely believable that a wannabe mage would start their career playing assistant to a more experienced wizard. On the other hand, it’s really boring and it doesn’t actually make you a better wizard since you don’t have to cast any spells to complete it.

Given Fault's painfully low intelligence score I can't imagine she's enjoying being a wizard very much

Given Fault’s painfully low intelligence score I can’t imagine she’s enjoying being a wizard very much