Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 7: With A Little Help From My Fiends

Fault has finally become a full fledged journeyman mage and her first task is to track down a couple of rogue wizards and convince them to make up with the guild. If they don’t we have to murder them. Fault’s beginning to wonder whether this whole mage guild thing is really for her and heads next door to see if the fighter’s guild is hiring. They’re basically jumping at the chance to bring a protagonist on board and give us our first assignment: To kill some giant cave rats that have invaded the home of poor old lady.

Unfortunately fighting two rats at once is more than poor Fault can handle without armor. I guess maybe this whole gimmick was just too much…

Ha! Just kidding. You didn’t really think I would have gotten this far without a plan, did you?

Back at the Mage’s Guild we track down someone who is selling “Bound Helm” and “Bound Boots” which let us summon a couple pieces of demon armor. They only last for sixty seconds and they’re less than half of a full set of armor but summoned demon armor is very good and even just a few pieces let us almost ignore the attacks of the rats as we summoned spear them to death.

How does the spell know what size boots to summon?

How does the spell know what size boots to summon?