Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 12: Ambush Backfire

Our new rule forbidding stat grinding in favor of actually playing the game has renewed Fault’s sense of adventure so she pops on over to the fighter’s guild and gets a job to head north to the town of Caldera and eliminate four Trevali (or something) agents that have set up camp in a cave near their mines. I’m really not sure what Trevali is but both the fighter and mage guild seem to agree they’re bad news.

Along the way Fault gets attacked by a giant bug and after all the rousing physical exercise of last update decides it might be fun to practice her unarmed combat skills. In Morrowind unarmed attacks apparently damage fatigue instead of health and can only kill enemies once you’ve beat them into unconsciousness first. This takes quite some time and in the process Fault gains five levels of unarmed skill. Clearly this is a bad fighting style but a great way to level!

Minor foe finally pummeled to death Fault arrives in Caldera and heads to the villain’s hideout. The first thug is hiding outside. You can even talk to him but he sneak attacks you if you mention Trevali. Or at least he tries to sneak attack you. Fault had the good sense to summon her demon spear ahead of time and is able to counterattack immediately.

There's a reason most video game protagonists keep their weapons out at all times and it's not just because that's easier to animate.

There’s a reason most video game protagonists keep their weapons out at all times and it’s not just because that’s easier to animate.

After that it’s into the mines where the other three rush you all at once. It’s moderately difficult but the only real difficulty was killing them all before Fault’s summoned weapon disappeared as having to recast bound spear or bound helm in the middle of a fight would be deadly.