Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 17: Tougher Than Nails

Fault’s first mission for the Blades was a breeze. For her next mission Caius wants her to go talk to a Mage guild orc and get information on the cult of the Neverine, which seems to believe a mysterious stranger will one day show up and unite all of Morrowind. That sure sounds like protagonist territory but let’s not jump to conclusions.

Of course, the orc won’t tell us anything until we do her favor by heading to a certain tomb near the town of Pelagrius and retrieving a certain engraved skull. Being a spy sure involves a lot more dungeon delving than I imagined.

Still, all that money we got from pawning millennia old priceless artifacts is burning a hole in Fault’s pockets so it’s time to be sneaky. Hello Mrs. Fighter Guild armor trainer, I would love ten cheap levels worth of Medium Armor (an endurance skill). And what’s that Totally-Not-A-Thief Trainer hiding in a seedy bar? You can turn the rest of my cash into five levels of acrobatics? Please do.

Fault then bunny hops her way to Pelagrius (it’s not grinding, I had to walk their one way or another), gaining just enough ranks in acrobatics to earn a near perfect level up. Once again our stupid Athletics skill ruins everything but not by much.

Great news though! Between training and adventuring Fault has been slowly but steadily gaining levels and while none of them were “perfect” I did at least manage to always get +5 endurance and the stat was finally maxed out during this level up on the path to Pelagarius. Fault has achieved perfect HP potential!

I think I have a terminal case of Min Maxing...

I think I have a terminal case of Min Maxing…

Two other big benefits. First, no longer needing to raise endurance means all the training money we used to spend on that can go into boosting other stats, like maybe our pathetically low and unwizardly intelligence.

Second, endurance skills are now “Safe”. We can’t earn any more points of endurance so it doesn’t matter how much or how little we use endurance skills. That means we can freely use our spear whenever we want without worrying that we’re splitting XP. This makes the game significantly less stressful and more fun.