Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 18: It’s Not Even Gold Plated

South of Pelagarius is the crypt Fault has been tasked to explore, which is fairly small and sadly lacking in significant treasure outside of the skull we were sent to find. Fortunately Fault gets ambushed by yet another assassin while exploring the tombs and those guys are basically loot pinatas. I am never going to resolve this subplot; it’s too lucrative.

I"m sure that skull is of great historical value, at least

I”m sure that skull is of great historical value, at least

Two interesting observations: I don’t know why but sometimes shop keepers will equip the armor you sell them. As a result half of the people Fault does business with are now dressed up like members of the Dark Brotherhood of assassins.

Second observation: I wonder if I’ve accidentally broken the assassin system? They seem to randomly appear every time you rest and I *think* they might be designed to discourage you from just resting every few minutes like potion-less Fault does. But they’re pretty easy to kill and worth a lot of gold so far from discouraging my play style they’re funding it.

Anyways, our mage guild contact tells us more about the cult of nizierth or whatever it’s called. Apparently there’s a local dark elf legend that one day a great hero will be reborn, cast down a bunch of false gods, kick all the outlanders out of Morrowind and generally make everything all better. This religion is technically illegal but since when has that stopped cultists?