Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 20: Glass Ceiling

Fault finally convinced the rogue wizard to pay her guild dues. One (hopefully) final volcano trek back to town and this quest is finally complete. Fault gets to keep half of the cash she collected as a reward and, of course, immediately gives it back to the guild in the form of training fees.

Fault’s conjuration skills and spell casting stats are actually looking pretty decent so she mentions she’d like to move up in the ranks of the Mage’s Guild. But for some bizarre reason it doesn’t work.

I double check the requirements: Int 30. Check. Willpower 30. Check. One guild skill at 40 and two at 10. Fault has Conjuration 43 and at least 20 in every other mage skill in the game. Why isn’t this working?

Wait a minute… let me double check the mage guild skill list…

Conjuration isn’t on the list?!

Well darn.

If you want to play with the Big Boys you've got to follow the Rules

If you want to play with the Big Boys you’ve got to follow the Rules

Let’s head over to the fighter’s guild then. I bet they’ll at least appreciate Fault’s story about punching a fantasy pterodactyl out of the sky…

Guess what? Neither spears nor unarmed fighting are included on the fighter’s guild official skill list.

I appear to have accidentally stumbled on a build that absolutely nobody is impressed by. Which is ridiculous because after all those careful near-perfect levels Fault is actually rather powerful for her level; but apparently not in a way anybody cares about.

Well bummer. At least Caius still loves us. What spy work does the emperor have for us?