Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 22: More Than Meets The Eye

So Caius has given Fault some time off from doing spy work. Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure what to do with that free time.

I guess I want to rank up in the Mage’s Guild in hopes of unlocking higher level summoning magic but to do that I need to raise one of my mage skills to 40. The closest Fault has is Alteration which started at (and still is) 35. So maybe I’ll buy a few new alteration spells and go on a dungeon crawl.

But which dungeon to crawl? Well back at the fighter’s guild the buddy we gave the dwarf puzzle box to says he’s managed to craft a key that will probably unlock the inner depths of the dwarven ruins we were exploring. That sounds fun!

So off we go back to the dwarven ruins where the key gives us access to another half dozen or so rooms. But this time there are no tomb robers. Instead Fault is faced with the ghosts of angry dwarves and a small army of steampunk transforming robots. It’s honestly pretty cool, especially since none of them prove much of a challenge when faced with bound weapons and armor.

It's like a Jack-in-the-Box but instead of playing music it tries to kill you

It’s like a Jack-in-the-Box but instead of playing music it tries to kill you

Our new selection of alteration spells includes one spell for levitating and one spell for unlocking doors and chests. Both get used roughly once which makes me think leveling up alteration without engaging in prohibited grinding might be a little harder than I originally thought.

There doesn’t seem to be any ultimate point to the dungeon besides looting some more dwarf artifacts but loot is a good enough reason for Fault and back in town she cashes things in and dumps it all on several expensive levels of alteration training. This makes up for how hard it is to raise the skill through actual use and puts us well on our way to ranking up in the guild.