Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 28: Horoscope Heroics

Fault gathers up the info she learned from the Ashlands and reports back to Caius who looks over our work and decide’s we are finally ready to hear about the actual plot of the game. The reason the Emperor released Fault and forced her to join the Blades is because she fulfills all of the prophetic requirements of the reborn Morrowind hero. Caius’s job is to make sure Fault keeps fulfilling the prophecy. He originally thought this was just a political maneuver to put an empire agent in charge of a potentially dangerous dark elf cult but it sounds like the emperor really believes this whole prophecy thing might be true!

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a birthday that doubles as a get out of fantasy jail free card

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a birthday that doubles as a get out of fantasy jail free card

Either way our next stop is to visit the nomadic cults and “prove” to them we’re the reborn Neverine. The place they live is apparently absolutely horrible and filled with a plague called “the blight” so Caius sends us to Fort Moonmoth to collect some medical supplies and useful scrolls. Fault, of course, sells the supplies right back to Caius’s contact because this is a no equipment run.

But while she’s there she chats with a priest and finds out about the Imperial Cult. Apparently it’s a join-able faction that appreciates, among other things, conjuration and unarmored fighting. This means they are technically a much better fit for Fault than either the mages or the fighters. Even better their core philosophy is worship of the nine divines and promotion of Truth, Justice and the Imperial Way which sounds roughly a billion times better than the mage’s guild agenda of beating up other mages unless they pay heft guild dues.

Needless to say Fault wastes no time in becoming a proud member of the Imperial Cult (of JUSTICE!) but at this point in the game I’m really in no mood for low level guild quests so who knows if anything will ever come from it.