Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 30: Second Coming Conman

Fault’s plan to prove her prophetic status to the ashlander tribes has run into the teeny tiny problem that no one wants to talk to an outsider like her.

Fortunately after many persuasion checks and a more-than-half-serious threat to challenge the local war leader to a duel to the death Fault finally gets an audience with the tribal leader and explains that she’s their reborn hero and it would be really great if everybody believed her.

Fun fact: For historic reasons dark elves absolutely hate Nords making this an even harder sell.

I don’t think I ever spelled any of the elf words properly at any point in this entire Let’s Illustrate.

Of course it’s never that easy. Only the tribal wise woman can confirm whether or not Fault is the neverine but only tribe members are allowed to see her. That means Fault must first prove her worthiness to join the tribe.

But how to prove our worthiness? Well, the nomads are ancestor worshippers and there is a nearby tomb filled with the bodies and the ghosts of their past great warriors. If Fault can enter the tomb and return alive with a certain magic bow it will be taken as proof that the ancestors accept her as a new tribe member.