Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 34: Not Your Standard Trip To The Doctor

So Fault now has corpus, a 100% fatal disease. Fortunately Caius was well aware that investigating a plague cult might give us said plague and so he has tracked down a mage who claims to have finally invented a cure for the dread disease.

The only complication is that the mage lives on an isolated island, which is admittedly a pretty responsible place for building a fantasy ebola research lab. It’s not like it’s exactly hard for us to get there since Fault can chain cast water walking but it’s still kind of sad to think of poor Fault once again setting off on a cross-country hike while running a high fever.

That said I really like this particular wizard. He’s well written and does a good job of evoking a sense of fantasy wonder.

The first thing you notice when you enter his tower is a beautiful (theoretically. These are Morrowind graphics we’re talking about) dark elf woman who politely asks if you’re here to loot the dungeon. Apparently the owner of the tower has a vault full of relics and is fond of inviting thieves to try their luck at plundering it. The main complication is that the vault is in the middle of the cave where the wizard houses all of his copus patients. Patients that visitors are forbidden to harm.

As you might imagine the not many thieves have managed to successfully crack the wizards vault while avoiding attacks from a legion of fever-mad plague victims, but the wizard does enjoy watching them try.

(Insert witty comment about RPG rogues here)

(Insert witty comment about RPG rogues here)

Of course, Fault isn’t here to participate in Morrowind’s Most Dangerous Game and instead asks about meeting with the wizard. The (probably) beautiful elf explains the wizard is happy to meet with guests but that like all Telvani his tower has no stairs and it’s up to his guests to levitate themselves up. This is a nifty bit of world building and helps Morrowind mages really stand out from other generic RPG tower bound wisemen.