Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 37: Mastering Morrowind’s Mechanics

Fault is now her own boss and in charge of making sure the Neverine prophecies come. That means it’s probably time to go research what those prophecies actually say. First stop: That one priestess we contacted back in the capitol city. It seems she’s been arrested by the Ministry of Truth and we need to break her out of prison by bringing her a scroll of teleport. The trick will be getting it to her as the ministry keeps their prisoners locked up inside a giant floating rock they’ve hollowed out.

Now Fault could technically fly up there using levitate but that would take up so much of her energy that she’d be basically helpless to actually do anything once she got there. So that means it’s time to start playing with the custom spell system again.

You see, I think I’ve cracked the system. Most of the game’s default spells give you a weak bonus for a relatively long time. But more often than not it’s both cheaper and more useful to get a very big bonus for a very very short time, which leads to the creation

of “Justice Leap”. For exactly one second it gives Fault the ability to jump several stories straight up into the air. That is admittedly only long enough for one leap but that’s all Fault really needs in order to reach the prison.

Magic is just like physics except that when you mess up things tend to explode... so actually exactly like physics

Magic is just like physics except that when you mess up things tend to explode… so actually it’s exactly like physics

Side note: Justice leap has no ability to make landings any softer so it’s probably not going to see a lot of use outside of this one scenario. Maybe in the future Fault can make an improved version with a slowfall effect for when she wants to jump over something instead of onto it.