Let’s (Not) Illustrate Dragon Age Origins

So I’ve been spending the past few months playing through Dragon Age Origins and looking for good screen shots I could pixelate as part of my long and futile quest to learn how to art. And while this was kind of fun I eventually came to the realization I was spending more time playing and writing about the game than I was practicing my art skills. That sort of defeated the whole purpose of the exercise so I gave up and came up with a new plan.

But it’s not like I didn’t get any practice done, so here are some of my “better” (as in least worst) efforts.

A tragically cheerful Fault, unaware she’s about to be thrust into yet another cursed world full of things that want to kill her.

Of course there are giant spiders. Can’t call yourself an RPG without giant spiders.

This is so low resolution it’s probably hard to tell who it’s supposed to be but I still kind of like how “meh” that expression turned out.

Alistair’s perpetual smirk increases his aggro by 5% and helps explain why he makes such a great tank.

I failed to capture Morrigan’s trademark scornful frown and instead made her look like she’s trying to remember whether or not she forgot to turn the oven off before leaving home.

I was aiming for “being a refugee is awful” but seem to have wound up with “WHEEE, camping is fun!”.