An Immortal, A Demon and A Hunter Walk Into A Bar…


Download Full Game (190 MB)

Alternate Download (4 MB) – Same Game, But Requires VX Ace RTP

Sirona is an immortal sorceress and the most powerful person on the planet… or at least she used to be. After decades of goofing off she can barely remember the simplest of spells and gets tired just thinking about adventuring. Which is too bad because she’s just about out of Elixir of Life and it’s going to take some hardcore questing to gather the ingredients she needs to make more.

Fortunately for our lazy immortal it doesn’t take long to find others willing to help her on her quest. Unfortunately that “help” takes the form of a barely domesticated demoness eager to cause mischief and a treasure oriented hunter that’s only along for the gold.

Will this dysfunctional band of adventurers manage to actually accomplish their goals or is Sirona doomed to become an ex-immortal?

Immortals Should Try Harder is comedy fantasy RPG featuring:

  • Four main missions
  • Four optional side quests
  • 3-5 hours of gameplay
  • Plenty of Puns and Parodies

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