Gengo Girls #14: Disclaimer

Gengo Girls #14: Disclaimer

Everybody here is aware that I’m only a Japanese hobbyist, right? I know more than enough to teach you grammar and a ton of vocabulary but I’m out of my league when it comes to complex questions like “Which of these very similar words would a native speaker use in this particular scenario?”

So if you ever catch me making a mistake, please let me know in either the comments or by email.


= ほん = book


言語ガールズ #14


Yellow: OK, let’s see if I understand this whole “this” thing.

Yellow: My book is この本because it’s close to me.

Yellow: But your book is その本because it’s far from me but close to you.

Yellow: And that book way over there is あの本because it’s far from both of us.

Blue: That’s… probably right.

Yellow: What do you mean, “probably”?

Blue: I’m not a native speaker or a professional translator, so I can’t guarantee that I’m right when it comes to tricky grammar.

Yellow: But I thought you were an expert!!

Blue: Only compared to you…