Gengo Girls #90: Immediately Useful

Gengo Girls #90: Immediately Useful

My first thought on writing today’s strip was “Wow, did it really take me 90 pages just to get to a simple idea like ‘I want to’? Maybe I should have covered this earlier”

Then again, most of the stuff up to this point has been pretty important too, so I think all in all I’m OK with the order I’ve been covering material in.


言語ガールズ #90

Immediately Useful

Blue: Let’s talk about how to say “I want to do a verb”.

Blue: Start with the polite ます form of the verb. Then replace the ます with たい. Finally add a です to the end to be polite.

Blue: So “I want to read this book” would be 私はこの本を読みたいです

Yellow: Makes sense so far.

Blue: For negative and past tense treat the たい like an adjective.

Blue: For example, “I wanted to read” is 読みたかったです

Blue: That reminds me! I found this great historical fiction book at the library the other day. It’s all about life Victorian England. I can lend it to you if you want…