Gengo Girls #92: Window Stealing

Gengo Girls #92: Window Stealing

It’s really easy to “steal” a short book by finding a corner in the store and then reading the whole thing before anyone notices. It’s a little bit harder with longer books. And I really don’t recommend trying to memorize an entire dictionary in stealth mode.

More seriously, notice that the word for money, “okane” has an honorific “o” at the beginning. Like I mentioned back in strip 53 there are certain words that almost always have a polite honorific attached to them and “okane” is one of them.


買う = かう = to buy

ゲーム = game

お金 = おかね = money



言語ガールズ #92

Window Stealing

Yellow: こにちは! What are you doing here at the mall?

Blue: 本を買いました

Blue: What about you?

Yellow: 新しいゲームがあります!

Blue: 買いましたか

Yellow: いいえ。私はお金がありません

Blue: Why would you come to the mall with no money?

Yellow: I played the game for three hours on the store’s demo system before they asked me to leave.