Gengo Girls #8: English Has Lots Of Exceptions

Gengo Girls #8: English Has Lots Of Exceptions

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It’s easy to make fun of English for having lots of strange grammar exceptions and weird spellings, but it really isn’t that much worse than your average language.

Also, here’s a fun thought: America was named after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Which means there was a very real chance it could have been called “Vespuccica” instead.


アメリカ = America

イングランド = England

英語 = えいご = English


言語ガールズ #8

English Has Lots Of Exceptions

Yellow: So languages are just a country name followed by ?

Blue: That’s the pattern.

Yellow: So then we speak アメリカ語?

Blue: You do know that we speak English not “American”, right?

Yellow: Maybe you do…

Yellow: Fine then. Does that mean that English is イングランド語

Blue: That’s a very logical guess. But it’s wrong.

Blue: English is actually 英語. It doesn’t follow the pattern 100%.

Yellow: So English has weird grammar rules even in other languages…