Gengo Girls #22: Totally Rad

Gengo Girls #22: Totally Rad

I think we’ve all experienced the feeling that a hard thing should be easier than it is.

A lot of the time that’s just us suffering form unrealistic expectations. Some things are just plain hard and there’s not much you can do about it except grit your teeth and keep working.

But sometimes there really is an easier way to solve your problems. Which is actually the topic of the next comic.


= よる = evening, night


言語ガールズ #22

Totally Rad

Yellow: Looking kanji up by stroke count is frustrating.

Blue: You could try looking them up with radicals instead.

Blue: Radicals are the simple symbols that get combined together to make complicated kanji, like this symbol here.

Yellow: So I just flip to the section of the dictionary and…

Yellow: What!? There’s over a hundred different kanji in this list!

Yellow: This isn’t radical at all. This is just as slow and frustrating as stroke counting.

Blue: Patience is a virtue, especially when studying 日本語.