Gengo Girls #33: Another Building Block

Gengo Girls #33: Another Building Block

It’s amazing how many different situations you can talk your way through using nothing but the “A is B” pattern, but eventually you’re going to need to use an actual verb. And now you can! Or at least, you can as soon as you learn some more verbs.


言語ガールズ #33

Another Building Block

Blue: Now that you know how to make verbs polite we can learn a new sentence pattern!

Yellow: Hooray?

Blue: Our new pattern is the simple “Subject Verb” pattern.

Yellow: You mean things like “The dog barks” and “The bird sings”?

Blue: Exactly!

Blue: In 日本語 this pattern is “Subject Verb”.

Yellow: That’s almost the same as in 英語. This is easy!

Blue: One last thing: the sounds like “wa” instead of “ha”, just like in the “ABです” pattern.

Yellow: Come on , make up your mind already!