Gengo Girls #50: Mine! Mine! Mine!

Gengo Girls #50: Mine! Mine! Mine!

“anata” is kind of weird. It has a kanji symbol but it usually gets written using hiragana instead. I have no idea why. That’s just how it’s done.


生徒 = せいと = student

貴方 = あなた = you (polite, usually written in hiragana)


言語ガールズ #50

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Blue: In English you use “apostrophe s” to show ownership.

Yellow: Like “The student’s book” or “Japan’s language”.

Blue: In 日本語 you use to do the same thing.

Yellow: So… 生徒の本 and 日本の言語?

Blue: That’s right.

Blue: English has some special ownership words like “my” and “your”, but in 日本語 you always use .

Blue: “My book” is 私の本. “Your book” is あなたの本.

Blue: So, do you have any questions?

Yellow: No. I know now.