Gengo Girls #61: I Miss Kindergarten

Gengo Girls #61: I Miss Kindergarten

Do people ever really outgrow gold stars? Sure, a teenager may not care whether or not his teacher puts a shiny sticker on his book report but I bet that same teenager cares quite a bit about earning athletic trophies. And full grown adults seem pretty interested in official certificates and fancy award plaques. Not to mention that militaries world wide hand out badges and pins for exceptional bravery and service.

In other words everybody likes being genuinely recognized for doing a good job no matter what their age and occupation may be.


言語ガールズ #61

I Miss Kindergarten

Blue: Let’s keep talking about casual past tense verbs.

Yellow: I guess I can’t do much if only know half the past tense conjugations.

Blue: For verbs that end in you change the to した.

Yellow: 話す (はなす) to 話した (はなした).

Blue: If the verb ends in , or you change the last syllable to んだ.

Yellow: 遊ぶ (あそぶ) to 遊んだ (あそんだ).

Yellow: I came up with two examples today. Give me a gold star!

Blue: Aren’t you getting a little old for reward stickers?

Yellow: Never!