Gengo Girls #114: Incredibly Incredible

Gengo Girls #114: Incredibly Incredible

“Sugoi” has a kanji form but it doesn’t seem to get used nearly as often as just writing the word out in hiragana.


すごい = amazing

静か = しずか = quiet

= もの = thing


言語ガールズ #114

Incredibly Incredible

Blue: Adverbs can also be used to describe adjectives and other adverbs.

Yellow: The incredibly quick fox.

Blue: A useful adverb for describing adjectives is “すごく”. It means “very”, “extremely” or “incredibly”.

Blue: But try not to overuse it in business situations.

Blue: Here’s an example: 図書館はすごく静かです

Yellow: The library is very quiet?

Blue: That’s right. Now it’s your turn.

Yellow: すごく すごい物 は すごいです.

Blue: You could try adding a little variety to your sentence.

Yellow: We’re studying grammar, not vocab.