Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 4: Second Hand Swords

Last time Fault made it through the tutorial area and reached Firelink Shrine. That means she can now activate the shrine’s main bonfire and use it to teleport to the first area of the game proper: The High Wall.

Once again, areas that my non-gimmick character effortlessly cleaved through require a ton of hard work as a thief. It’s not just that Fault’s armor is weak, her shield also only blocks 60% of incoming damage. That means that even if I block an attack I still take a beating that my low health can’t handle. As a result I have to rely almost entirely on dodging and the occasional parry. And while DS3 has really boosted the power of the dodge roll compared to the previous two games it’s still nerve racking and dangerous to not have a great shield to fall back on.

Now a normal thief build would solve this problem by dumping three points into strength so they could wield a decent shield. Especially since those strength points would also give them access to more and better weapons.

But Fault is a Luck Knight and is dozens of levels away from being allowed to touch her base stats. So no shields for us!

It’s not all bad knew though. Fault manages to corpse rob herself a rapier that she can actually wield using nothing other than her base stats! She also picks up a handful of titanite and still has her fire stone starting gift burning a hole in her pocket (pun intended) all of which means it’s time to go the blacksmith for some much needed upgrades.


The smaller the drawing the less room there is for making mistakes, right?