Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls Part 12: Pants At Long Last

Last time Fault cleared the road of sacrifice by killing a giant evil wizard. At this point the game actually opens up quite a bit and we now have two different bosses we can tackle in whatever order we please. Or… we could ignore that and instead run around grabbing treasure from all the new areas we’ve unlocked.

We start off by heading towards the Chapel of the Deep and looting a corpse that happens to be wearing a full set of herald armor. Which means… PANTS!

Yes, the herald pants not only have better defense than the deserter’s trousers they also go all the way to the end of Fault’s legs which leaves us looking like a proper adventurer and less like a bedraggled street urchin forced into a life of crime. Which technically is exactly what we were, having started the game as a thief and all. But no longer! We’re actually starting to look like a proper Luck Knight.

This is what happens when it's 11:30 at night and you suddenly remember you haven't done your daily sketch.

This is what happens when it’s 11:30 at night and you suddenly remember you haven’t done your daily sketch.

To celebrate I head back to town and find that one of our NPC buddies is now selling a small shield with 80% damage reduction instead of the pathetic 60% we’ve been using. Eventually I hope to have the stats for a 100% shield but for now this is a big step in the right direction.

Fault then head back to the Chapel of the Deep and discover it’s literally crawling with maggot infested zombies and all sorts of leech monsters. Getting hit by them leaves you covered in tiny parasites that slowly fill up your bleed meter. When it maxes out you take major damage.

Fortunately a high luck score increases the size of your bleed meter which means Fault can walk around covered in leeches for quite some time before taking damage… which actually doesn’t sound like a lucky experience at all. But it does give us all the survivability we need to grab some estus flask upgrades and various other trinkets before putting the chapel on hold in search of a less disgusting place to go treasure hunting.