Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 21: Fear Is The Mind Killer

Last time Fault watched as the game defeated one of it’s own minibosses, leaving the way clear to enter the Smoldering Lake, which leads to one of my favorite Dark Souls 3 moments.

You enter the lake (which is more like a sulfur swamp), hear a big “twang” noise and a few seconds later a giant iron ballista bolt blasts you off your feet.

Your first reaction is shock. Did I just get hit with a ballista bolt?

Your next reaction is confusion. Why is there a ballista inside an underground cave?

Then you get shock again as a giant lightning sand worm bursts out of the ground.

Then comes enlightenment. So that’s why there’s an underground ballista.

Then comes death. Because Dark Souls.

Anyways, Fault spends a few lives playing matador with the sandworm in hopes of getting the ballista to kill the thing off. This eventually works landing us six thousand souls (doesn’t seem worth it), an awesome miracle she can’t use and an undead bone shard for boosting our flask (hooray for that at least).

That reminds me, isn't there a new Monster Hunter game coming out soon?

That reminds me, isn’t there a new Monster Hunter game coming out soon?

Fault then runs around the ruins of Lost Izalith for a bit until she gets tired of fighting demons and decides to just grab a few levels and then head to the next main game boss.