Let’s Illustrate Dark Souls 3 Part 23: Famous Architecture

With Sulliman dead Fault emerges into the ruins of Anor Londo. Fortunately they’re only a fraction of the size of the original Anor Londo and mostly serve as a speed bump on your way to the final Lord of Cinder.

Funny trivia: In the original game Anor Londo was in pretty good shape except for a single giant window that had a broken panel which you could sneak through to find a bonus item. Centuries later in Dark Souls 3 the rest of Anor Londo now lies in ruin but that one window has somehow been repaired.

Have you ever looked at a giant fantasy castle and found yourself wondering "Who exactly is in charge of keeping this place clean and in good repair?"

Real estate agents always seem to gloss over the high upkeep costs involved in owning a giant fantasy castle.

After a quick trip through the ruins Fault can now fight Aldritch the Devourer of Gods. It goes very very poorly.

Aldritch is a challenging boss, and not in a fun way. His main gimmick revolves around constantly spamming a pair of homing attacks. The first summons a swarm of energy balls that float around randomly for a bit before suddenly trying to murder you. The second summons a hail of magical arrows that chase you around the arena for several seconds and come very close to auto-killing anyone silly enough to stand under the rapid shower of death.

Between these two attacks you’ll spend most of the fight dodging, which leaves very few opportunities to actually attack the boss and leaves you with the unpleasant sensation of working very very hard just to make zero progress.

Seems as good a time as any to go off and grind for levels. Fault could really use some extra health and better armor.