Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 23: Anti-Escapism

Fault is only five hundred gold or so away from being able to afford the last level of skill training she needs for ranking up in the Mage’s Guild. Unfortunately Balmora is starting to feel sort of tapped out on obvious quests so we have a guild buddy teleport us to the awesomely named “Wolverine Hall” in search of quick cash. It turns out to be a small outpost built in the middle of a city full of crazy mushroom rock houses.

Apparently the place is controlled by the Telvani mages we’ve heard so much about and chatting with them reveals that they are indeed evil, or at least close neighbors to it. They are basically a mage guild where murder and assassination are the official means of advancement.

They also have funny ideas about foreigners and Fault has to spend all of her gold but 1 buying some immigration papers. This game sure has a lot of paperwork!

Pretty much the worst random encounter ever.

Pretty much the worst random encounter ever.

But Fault is here to earn money, not spend it. Her first quest comes from the man who runs the local hotel for foreigners: There’s a ghost haunting one of his rooms. It’s pretty easy to kill but he claims it keeps coming back no matter how often it gets killed. He asked a local mage for help but they couldn’t see anything. That means this quest is now firmly in protagonist territory!