Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 31: Visiting Grandma

So Fault just found out that the ashlanders won’t even talk to her unless she can make her way through a cave full of their ancestral dead and return with a legendary bow. This is just about the best tribal initiation rite Fault could hope for and she spends a gleeful half hour Deadra Bursting her way through ghosts and skeletons all while looting as many ancient artifacts and weapons as she can carry.

Morrowind style ancestor worship, like many religions, is driven primarily by guilt

Morrowind style ancestor worship, like many religions, is driven primarily by guilt

Back at camp the nomads accept her as a honorary tribe member and gift her the magic bow, which is awkward since Fault is never going to use thing. Fault is also finally allowed to talk to the wise woman who explains that there are many different signs and prophecies about the Neverine and that while Fault fulfills many of them she has not yet fulfilled all of them. In particular there are seven legendary curses that the Neverine must survive and Fault has only experienced the first two.

So while Fault failed in her mission to convince the nomadic cults she was their reborn hero she does at least have some very solid intel on how to eventually achieve that goal. Caius will be pleased.

Or at least Caius would be pleased if he didn’t have bad news. A scout patrol was sent out to research Sixth House smugglers and all but one were killed. As for the survivor, he was inflicted with a horrible disease called “Corpus” and sent back to his commander with dire messages from a certain plague priest.

Fault’s mission is to track down and kill that priest before his disease spreading cult can grow any stronger. Apparently Corpus isn’t just any disease, it’s an incurable malady that causes horrid skin growths followed by madness and finally death. Understandably it would be nice to stop that sooner rather than later.