Let’s Illustrate Morrowind Part 33: Six Degrees Of Seperation

Fault has awakened to her inner masked hero and runs off to a zombie and cultist infested cave in need of purging for the good of all. It’s nothing too hard although like most Morrowind caves it is painfully dark and actually finding which part of the map the evil mastermind is hiding in takes some work.

But Fault does finally find him and before he attacks he delivers a message from Dagoth inviting us to free him from his prison and join him in his work. It sounds like the original Neverine and this Dagoth guy the plague cult worships might have known each other back in the past.

Sometimes a simple no just isn't enough...

Sometimes a simple no just isn’t enough…

But there’s no time to think about that because while Fault does emerge victorious from her fight the mad priest curses her with his dying breath. Fault now has corpus disease. You know, that incurable disease of disfigurement, madness and death that Caius told us about.

At the moment the only side effect is a tiny stat penalty, but just having the disease means no one wants to talk to us which makes it hard to sell all our loot.