Let’s (Not) Illustrate Shadowrun Dragonfall

So after finding out that trying to illustrate Dragon Age wasn’t helping me get in as much practice as I had hoped I decided to try moving on to a game I was more familiar with: Shadowrun Dragonfall. It’s a really well designed cyberpunk meets urban fantasy RPG that did a great job of giving you a lot of freedom of choice in how you approach problems. Need to get past security? Use hacking skills to fake an id. Fast talk your way past a guard. Get advice from the spirit realm on alternate paths. And of course if all else fails you can just shoot your way through the whole game.

Anyways that wound up not really being any better than Dragon Age in terms of how much time I spent drawing pixel art versus time spent playing and writing about the game but I might as well link a couple almost nice pieces before we get to next week and I reveal my new (but not that exiting) art learning strategy.

My first Shadowrun character ever was a dwarf roboticist named “Uncle Chrome” who managed to find a nonviolent solution to most of his problems thanks to being moderately charismatic and extremely good with computers and circuits.

Fault’s shadowrunning career sadly never took off the ground but I think it’s safe to say it would have involved a lot more explosions and hostile negotiations than my old Uncle Chrome run.